Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AKA Convention 2011 Wildwood

Wildwood! C'mon in, the water's fine!

The fields are a little wet.

Tuesday morning it is time for workshops. The weather is still a little iffy.
Gotta run. More later.

Water? What water?
This Tent is Sound and Operations for Sport Kite, otherwise known as American Kitefliers Association Grand Nationals. Kite fliers compete all year to qualify for an invitation to compete at the AKAGN.
Do you see that gate or arch-looking thing in the background? Can you guess what that might be?
I don't see no water...
That white strip of sand at top left, near the ocean, is the water's edge. Well, normally...
Looking at NKA flying from the ocean side of the AKA fields.
Can you guess? 
Can you see the orange snow fence?
Wildwood is in an eddy of a large ocean current. Sand that gets washed away from other beaches along the Atlantic, especially to the south, ends up at Wildwood. That orange fencing is 300 YARDS (900 feet) from the boardwalk.
People saw the piles of sand from the Boardwalk and assumed it was - wait for it - beach refurbishment. Nope. It was quite the opposite.
The ditch was dug by a front end loader so the effluent from the streets of Wildwood could reach the ocean. The piles of sand are from digging the ditch(es).
Call me crazy, but somehow, I think, this might have been constructed before there was a EPA...
Any run-off that could not make its way to the ocean remained on the beach.

Saturday Morning: Friday the sun was out all day and the wind was southeast (off the water) about 12 mph all day. The fields were starting to dry out. Then it poured down rain Friday night. Saturday the fields were pretty wet again.

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